How to start

Needs analysis

Using fullfilment services will save you a lot of worries. In order to do so, you need to define exactly what you need from us. What storage space we will keep for you. What packaging will be optimal for your goods ... It is necessary to set a lot of parameters. We know what to ask, so we can handle this first phase quickly via email and over the phone.

Quote and contract

Based on the needs analysis you will receive a final qote and contract to be signed.

Information flows

You can use our eLogist system to easily manager your online store. You will notify us when shiping invetory to us and place individual orders for completion and distribution. All advantages of an integrated fulfillment provider can be realised by establishing  data exchange between your e-commerce platform and our warehouse system.

Supported e-commmerce platforms

We work with leading Czech developers of e-commerce solutions to make our logistics services easily accessible. If you use the services of our partners, integration will be smooth and fast for you. Our partners include:


If you did not find your developer in the list or you are developing the e-shop yourself, you can use our API interface (in Czech) and you can develop the communication module yourself. 

On-line warehouse system

Our system eLogist serves to register all movements of the goods from placement of an order, reception at the warehouse from a carrier, storage, assumption of packing and dispatch orders, order monitoring (preparation – packing – in transit – delivered), manages cash on delivery flow. We secure stock removal, also in FIFO, LIFO or other modes.