Storage processes of the logistic center

You do not need to deal with renting the warehouse or recruiting and managing warehouse teams. Whether you need a small or large warehouse, you will always find a tailor-made solution with us. You will pay only for what you currently need. Your goods are also secured and insured with us.

The result of our work is your leisure time, and for example space for further development of your e-shop. We have 3 logistic centres in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Warehouses near Prague and Bratislava guarantee fast handling of a large number of customers.

Storage of parcels

Your goods will be received based on eLogist notification system. The admission of goods is done through barcodes to eliminate error rate.

According to the bill of delivery, we check your merchandise and, if everything is in order, we physically and systematically stock the merchandise.

In the case that the goods are incomplete or damaged, our back office immediately informs you and waits for instructions on how to handle the goods further.

In case that your supplier sends separately the individual components of the goods, we will complete the final product and stock it as a whole.

"Storage with us is without a flat rate and shipment at favourable prices."

Parcels entry into storage

We will label your products according to the legislation with a Czech label or instructions. Labels can be supplied by you or you can order the production with us.

The cost of tagging is calculated from the piece and is dependent on other parameters, such as the monthly number of parcels.

Storage in ComGate logistic centres

We store on EURO pallets (120x180x160 cm) or in shelf positions (35x25x50 cm). Each position has its system name and it records the stored items.

For goods with expiration, you can use FIFO, FEFO.

"Orders received by 1 pm in the CZ are delivered the following business day."

Removal of parcels

Orders that are correctly entered in the system by 1 pm are dispatched the same day. Goods can be shipped in shipping envelopes, cartons and pallets.

Alternatively, we offer the possibility of personal collection directly in the warehouse and payment of the order by card.