Assembly in the logistics centre ComGate

We know how to wrap a fragile and oversized goods, even valuable goods are not a problem. We will also make sure that the courier is aware of transporting such a goods and ensure its transport to the customer in shipshape.

During the shipment completion process, we can add on request the following: instructions, invoices, warranty letters or other ways adjust the goods upon the customer's wish.

Order picking

When the order is entered into the system and the goods are assigned to it, the order is handed over to the warehouse worker.

Our staff is systematically guided to the position where the goods are stored.

The ordered number of pieces are removed and continues to the next position.

Subsequently, the goods are taken to the packing station where it´s scanned and wrapped under the CCTV surveillance.

Records are available online at the Clients portal and serve as a basis for resolving potential complaints.

"We can personalize shipments based on customer wishes."

Additional services

Besides the standard packaging, we also offer parcels completion, gift wrapping, special packing materials, printed boxes and branded tapes.

We can add small gifts, business cards, thank-you letters and other items in the package including the invoice, which is already in the basic price.

"We will ensure the assembly of fragile and oversized goods and their transport."

Parcels packaging

Goods are packed according to pre-agreed packing instructions. Packaging is possible in standard cardboard boxes (3 VVL / 5VVL), bubble envelopes, stretch foils as well as special packaging such as fuchsbag, progress pack and more.

We use a bubble foil as a standard filler or you have a choice of kart fix, flo-pack, fuchsbag, wood wool etc. We also emphasize the safety of transported goods, as well as the aesthetic and economic aspects.

If it is a fragile shipments, we recommend a suitable packing method to carrier companies and we label them "fragile" or "don’t tilt".