About ComGate

Our company was founded in 2000 by people, who wanted to do things in new ways. To accept responsibility for our lives. To achieve success and be recognized. Till this day, we are a Czech-owned enterprise successful in the field dominated by international players. In the last 20 years, we have had our ups and downs and have been both laughed at and admired. But we never moved an inch from the course that we had set.

We have been providing professional warehousing logistics for our clients since 2009. We are part of the ComGate group, which – in addition to warehousing & fulfillment services – operates a payment gateway and offers POS terminals. ComGate has been offering its services in the Czech Republic and Slovakia since 2002, employing more than 100 workers in six facilities.

Having had our share of experience with “corporations”, we made a promise to always treat our partners fairly, as equals, responsibly and respectfully. We keep on developing our services to accommodate our customers’ needs and wishes. We understand that our services become a part of their services and that their success means also our success.


We launched smartNET company focused on mobile marketing and WAP applications.

We started providing SMS marketing services for consumer competitions.
We changed our name to ComGate and expanded our offer with competition gift logistics.
We launched a dedicated company for payment services.
We opened a call center in Hradec Králové for the segment of telecommunications, financial services and utilities.
We opened a logistics center for outsourcing of marketing and e-commerce logistics in Pardubice.
We obtained a payment institution license from the Czech National Bank. We started offering payments by cards and bank buttons.
We opened a call center in Trutnov.
We launched logistics operations in Prague and Bratislava. We obtained a license from the Czech National Bank – as a payment institution.
We obtained a license to operate as Payment facilitator. Call center branch in Hradec moved to the new Aupark premises.
We expanded our logistics operations, main warehouse moved to Týniště n. Orlicí.
Sale of call center activities to Comdata group.

Payment terminals added to our payment services portfolio.