Warehouse logistics for online stores

Warehousing, completion and packing of goods
Delivery of packages throughout the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the entire EU

Advantages of ComGate warehousing logistics

  1. You only pay for the warehousing area actually used.
  2. No need to worry about warehousemen or communication with carriers. Service availability is our concern.
  3. Online overview of warehoused stock through our system or online store administration.
  4. We are liable for the stored goods and the insurance premium is included in the price.
  5. We also provide additional services, such as labeling, printed inserts, basic assembly, cash on delivery management, complaints and returns.

10 000 square meters of warehousing area at your disposal

We operate warehouses in Prague, Štětí, Týniště nad Orlicí and Bratislava. We also warehouse small, fragile or nonstandard goods, including: clothing, cosmetics, packed durable food and drinks, such as alcoholic beverages, coffee, tea, spare parts, books, food supplements, drugstore goods, toys, furniture and many other types of products.
Do you need a really big warehouse? No problem, we are able to flexibly extend the storage area.
Are you not certain whether your goods are suitable to be stored in our warehouses? Contact us, we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Completion of fragile and bulky goods

  • On reception of goods, we use EAN codes or place our own labels. All movements of the goods within the warehouse are managed and monitored through the codes.
  • We dispatch goods based upon electronic orders, including completion and packing to cardboard boxes, bubble wraps, stretch wraps or even special packages such as fuchsbag, progress packs etc.
  • We offer several types of filler decreasing the risk of damage during transit, e.g. bubble wraps or kartofix, flo-pak, fuchsbag, excelsior and other alternatives.
  • We are able to process even nonstandard requirements, such as eco-friendly or gift packaging, adhesive tapes with logo of the client etc.
  • When completing the package, we may insert manuals, invoices, warranty cards, minor presents, business cards, letters or prepare the products in other ways.

We collaborate with 18 forwarding companies.

Let us deal with carrier communication, cash on deliveries, complaints, returns and all nonstandard situations. We also manage special assignments, such as checking documents on delivery or carrying heavy products up the stairs.

We offer warehousing and transit to all EU countries via the Fulfillment for Europe alliance.

Are you interested in the terms of transport of your goods? Contact us, we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

We enjoy the trust of more than 100 online stores

The service includes an on-line logistics system

Our system eLogist serves to register all movements of the goods from placement of an order, reception at the warehouse from a carrier, storage, assumption of packing and dispatch orders, order monitoring (preparation – packing – in transit – delivered), manages cash on delivery flow. We secure stock removal, also in FIFO, LIFO or other modes.

You may also connect your own system through API. We can also make you a tailor-made interface, for example for SAP system.

Approximate prices for online store warehousing logistics




CZK 95

Orders per month: 2000
Number of stored items (SKU): 4000
Items per order: 3
Package weight: up to 3 kg

CZK 99

Orders per month: 300
Number of stored items (SKU): 15
Items per order: 1
Package weight: up to 500 g

CZK 114

Orders per month: 800
Number of stored items (SKU): 480
Items per order: 2
Package weight: up to 5 kg

The price includes acceptance of order by the system, order picking, packing in the desired material and delivery to the customer by the next business day. Please contact us, we will reply A.S.A.P.

Interested? Contact us.